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Idea to Ink

Jenelle Jack - Book Coach, Self-Publish Coach, Monetize a Book, Female Entrepreneur, Thought Leadership

What does it take to write and self-publish an impactful, profitable book? If you've been feeling stuck on a book idea, then it’s time to gain some clarity. I’m your host, Jenelle Jack. I’m a published author and it's my mission to help high-impact professionals and business owners recognize the value of a single story and spread their message with a book.

In the Idea to Ink podcast, I will be sharing self-publishing strategies and valuable tips. Learn how a book can propel your business to the next level, increase your income, strengthen your position as a thought leader in your field, and expand the influence of your brand. If you're an aspiring author looking to self-publish a book, this podcast is here to encourage you, and provide you with concrete tips that will help you accomplish your goal of hitting that publish button.

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